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  • 社會招聘 校園招聘 檔案記錄


    • 學歷要求:Master’s degree in BA
    • 工作經驗:3 year of relevant work experience
    • 所屬部門:Project Manager
    • 發布時間:2021-07-30

      1.Perform analysis on data set and provide strategic insights, hypothesis, and suggestions for multiple departments, including but not limited to sales team, operation team;

      2.Build and maintain the dashboards for engineering team;

      3.Identify strengths and weakness, and suggests for improvement for sales team and engineering team

      4.Conduct research on initiatives or current trends that the organization may want to pursue

      5.Analyze the price unit for clients’ RFQ and provide the sheet for sales team;

      6.Assist Tuopu engineering team with all special projects (including research) and assignments;

      7.Collaborate with sales team, engineering team, operation team, and major clients to provide the project timeline, design management, iteration management and quality assurance;

      8.Apply project management expertise to increase the efficiency, optimize productivity and ensure the deliverables are completed on time within budget;

      9.Manage and foster the relationship between Tuopu and affiliates and partners; and

      10.Provide weekly report for upper management level to review if the project is on track


      Must possess a Master’s degree in BA, Information System or Business Analytics and 3 year of relevant work experience. Must be familiar with Data Analytic Tools or Language: Tableau, SaaS, Python, Excel, Access & VBA (Specifically joins, lookup). Must possess knowledge of SDLC, Agile Framework, Iteration Management, and 8D Principles. Travel to Austin, TX and China about twice a year is required.


      Tuopu USA, LLC, 30736 Wiegman Road, Hayward, CA 94544

      Attn: General Manager

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